Editions Wildproject
Who We Are
Wildproject is a fiction and non-fiction publishing house that explores the relationships between human and natural societies.

Our catalogue is built on 4 collections :
• DOMAINE SAUVAGE (non-fiction) gathers founding books of environmental thinking.
• LE MONDE QUI VIENT (non-fiction) opens up a space at the crossroad of environmental and decolonial issues.
• TÊTE NUE (narratives) tells stories of places, between nature writing and écriture du réel.
• À PARTIR DE MARSEILLE displays the entire world within one city.

A French publishing house with an American name, Wildproject was originally conceived in New York in 2003 during a residency in Bard College. Several titles of our catalogue and the spirit of the house keep track of this transatlantic foundation.

While most known for its non-fiction books on the environment by Rachel Carson, J. Baird Callicott or Kinji Imanishi, Wildproject continues to champion literature, with a list encompassing both innovative debut novels and most established writers. Our works of the imagination feature writers like Julien Gravelle, Jim Harrison, Kenneth White, Gary Snyder.

Founded in 2008 in Paris by Baptiste Lanaspeze, Wildproject settled in Marseille in 2009. Wildproject currently publishes around 10 books a year.

Our scientific committee includes agronomist Raphaël Larrrère, philosopher Catherine Larrère, landscape designer Alain Richert, philosopher J. Baird Callicott, writer David Rothenberg, sociologist Nathalie Blanc, conservationist Jean-Claude Génot.
Regular collaborators of Wildproject are translators and editors Matthieu Dumont, Pierre Madelin, Helen Tomlinson, Hélène Jovignot.

On the field, Wildproject develops an urban ecology program entitled "MetropolitanTrails", throughout several cities in the world: GR®2013 in Marseille, Sentier du Grand Paris, Broadway Transect in New York, Houmani in Tunis…
This groundbreaking program has received the Médaille de l'Urbanisme 2013 de l'Académie d'Architecture.