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Le Journal du Rio Negro
Pierre Restany
160 p., w. pictures, 2013

In 1979, in Amazonia, the art theorist of the Nouveau Réalisme launches the Naturalisme intégral.
"A myth", according to Andy Warhol.

Julien Gravelle
288 p., 2011

An ambitious debut novel telling the story of a land, in nine novellas taking place across five centuries on the same ground.

Une Frontière française
Michel Samson
192 p., 2013

The journalist Michel Samson navigates between the living memories of the villages and the archives of libraries to find the secrets of the longest border of the French republic : a 730-kilometer-long line of water and jungle following a river called Oyapock.

La Révolution de Paris
Paul-Hervé Lavessière
192 p., 2014

A travel on foot of 130 km, 6 days across 37 towns : 
the author, a 25-year-old geographer, designed the route along which he takes us in his journey around the French capital. Lavessière simply creates a new geography of Paris.
"The Greater Paris eventually embodied".

Carnet d'estives
Des Alpes au Chiapas
Pierre Madelin
160 p., 2016

One summer, a student in philosophy works as a sheperd and this experience will change his life. A travel and educational narrative that takes the reader from environmentalism to political ecology.

Le Gang du Kosmos
Poetics and politics on American ground
Kenneth White
352 p., 2015

4 biographies of 4 American poets that developed what White calls the "Whitmanian line": Allen Ginsberg, William Carlos Williams, Gary Snyder, Robinson Jeffers.



A fond de cale : 
un siècle de jazz à Marseille

Michel Samson
Gilles Suzanne
320 p., 2011

The History of Jazz,
as Heard from Marseille.

Histoires et légendes 
du hip-hop à Marseille 
Julien Valnet
224 p., 2013

The first and definitive book on the history of hip-hop in Marseille.

GR®2013 Marseille-Provence
Sentier métropolitain 
autour de l'étang de Berre 
et du massif de l'Etoile 

192 p., 2013

The first artistic hiking guidebook.
20 000 copies sold.
The National Geographic 2013 "Best New Trail" no. 2.

L'économie expliquée aux humains
Emmanuel Delannoy
Préface de Hubert Reeves
144 p., 2011

On collective intelligence, biomimicry, the end of oil, industrial ecology… – an insect coming from the dawn of times initiates us into the future.

Le petit livre des grands barbus
Matthieu Dumont
144 p., 2011

Where does the Greatness of Man rely on?
On his Beard, that Connects him to the Cosmos.
20 short portraits of 20 great bearded men.

Les Diplomates
Cohabiter avec les loups
sur une nouvelle carte du vivant
Baptiste Morizot
320 p., 2016

The return of the wolf is a geopolitcal problem that forces us to new forms of diplomacy. Our sense of property and borders belongs to a sense for territory that we share with many other animals. Guided by Charles Darwin, Konrad Lorenz, Aldo Leopold… and many other diplomats, Morizot offers an essay of animal philosophy.